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 Troubleshooting - 

Please see the images below to resolve your issue.

How to Troubleshoot Common Go Kart Issues

(1) How to Tension the Chain on the Go Karts

Please see the two images below to resolve the issue.

How to Tension the Chain 1 How to Tension the Chain 2

(2) How to Resolve a Go Kart Wheel Issue

Please see the image below.

Go Kart Wheel

(3) How to Resolve a Go Kart Pedal Issue

Please see the image below.

Go Kart Pedal

(4) Thunder Eva Go Karts Pedal Issue - How to Prevent Pedals From Slipping

Please see the image below and apply oil regularly around the area.

How to find the charging point

How to Troubleshoot Common Ride On Cars Issues

(1) Drifter/Raptor 12V Charger – The lights, what do they mean?

Green means full charge. Orange means mid-way charge. Red means no charge.

(2) Under the bonnet, the yellow wire is not connected to anything. Is it normal?

Yes, it is normal. The yellow wire is the remote-control receiver aerial. It is not supposed to connect to anything at all.

(3) Electric ride on toys will not turn on at all. The lights and radio are not working either. We tried to re-program the remote control and followed all the instructions that were required. However, electric ride on toy was not working at all still. We checked the battery voltage and charger. All of them seemed to be working well. How to resolve the issue?

Your electric ride on toy would require a new dashboard unit replacement.

(4) Mercedes Ride on Coupe 12V - How to Wire Correctly

Please see the image below.

Wiring for Mercedes Ride on Coupe 12V

(5) Remote control is not working on ride on car. How to resolve the issue?

To pair the remote with the car: Hold down forward and back on the remote until it flashes.

Turn on the car and hold down the same again. 

(6) How long have you charged the electric ride on for?

For 12V ride on, between 6-8 hours maximum.
For 24V ride on, between 8-10 hours maximum.
Anything over the maximum charge time usually damages the batteries very quickly and easily.

(7) Is the charger warm after charging the battery?

If the charger is warm then, the charger should be fine. If it is too hot or cold then, a replacement would be needed.

(8) What is the reading on the dashboard?

It depends on the vehicle. Use a voltmeter if your vehicle is a 12 volt battery and it must read 12+ volts.

If your battery is a 24 volt, then it should read 24 volts plus.

(9) How to Check the Batteries and Connections

The terminals inside the connector's vehicle and battery sides must be checked to ensure that there is nothing wrong. Ensure that the battery is unplugged from the vehicle to check motors and switches. Ensure that the battery is connected to a plug place. This is to give the charger something to plug into, nothing will be damaged during this process. If the vehicle works once you plug into the charger then, the battery in the item may be the issue.

(10) How to Test the Foot Pedal and Throttle

If your vehicle is slow running or won't run properly and only goes reverse/forward, then your switches could be the issue. When the vehicle only moves high, low, forward or reverse, check your wires of the battery and that they are connected to the switches properly. Undo the wires from the speed switch high low, turn the switch and re-plug them back in again. If it is only working on high and you turn the switch, then it is only low running. Then, your switch is the issue. Charge your battery up fully. If the vehicle won’t move, then inspect the vehicle for 12+ or 24+ volts. If it reads just 12 or 24 the battery may be the issue, it must read over this for the vehicle to move properly.

(11) How to Test a Motor

Once you have determined the switches and batteries to be working, then the next step is to test the controller by pressing the switch of the pedal or the use of the throttle. If you hear a click sound on the motherboard or controller, then there may be an issue with the motor. Disconnect the controller to test the motor and hook it up to your 12 or 24 volt charger depending on the vehicle. Then after a full charge and then the vehicle should be able to turn.

(12) Drifter Raptor 12V Electric Ride On Jeep - How to Find the Charging Point

Please see the red highlighted from the image below.

How to find the charging point

(13) How to Check the Amount of Pins on Your Foot Pedal Switch

Unscrew the foot pedal area from underneath. Open the case. Count the total of pins you can see on the switch. 


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    Is it is not turning on? If your electric car is not turning on, then please follow these next steps:Has the battery been connected?Please visit our troubleshooting section 7 for more details here. What is the reading on the dashboard? Reading must be above 12v for 12v model e.g.,12v Driftor Raptor. 24v for other models such as 24V Ranch Wagon. Some dashboards may flash from green to red or stay red depending on how much battery is available.How long have you charged it for?Most i

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    Battery maintenanceEach vehicle is different however here is the common charge time for our electric ride ons:For 12V ride on, between 6-8 hours maximum - e.g. driftor raptorFor 24V ride on, between 8-10 hours maximum- e.g. ranch wagonAnything over the maximum charge time usually damages the batteries very quickly and easily.Please once you receive your electric ride on charge it fully for the amount required and after every use. We also suggest to charge it every 3 weeks and if it is

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    Bought this for my 4 yr old and he loves it. Forward and reverse with 2 speeds. Horn and music buttons which work on 2 aa batteries, good and strong quad. Made an enquiry by email and got a response within the hour. Order arrived within 24 hrs. Wow..I would recommend this quad to anyone with a child up to the age of 6. I will be shopping at funstuff again